The Breakdown – SAP Analytics brief for Act 6, Saint Petersburg

With their forth win on the bounce at Act 6, Saint Petersburg, The Wave, Muscat strengthened their position as the benchmark team of the Series. But it didn’t come easy with the chasing pack pushing hard to catch up.

A career-best-result for Lino Sonego Team Italia saw the team break through from mid-fleet to claim second, with Red Bull Sailing Team and GAC Pindar each having their moments in the sun. In marked contrast, Series title contenders, SAP Extreme Sailing Team had their worst result to date.

Official Technical Supplier SAP takes us through the wins, losses and marginal gains at Act 6, Saint Petersburg.

Average speed on start signal
10.35 knots Team Turx
8.66 knots other teams

The fastest team on average off the start line, Team Turx were the best starters in Russia, hitting the line with 1.69 knots more speed than the other teams. The Turkish team also sailed a smarter course around the River Neva track compared to the rest of the fleet, at least three metres shorter, with a total distance sailed of 101.3km bettered only by The Wave, Muscat on 101.0km.

But the Turks finished the Act in seventh, so where did it go wrong? Despite achieving fast, clean starts the team clocked one of the highest scores for the numbers of manoeuvres. On a racetrack with - at times –only eight knots of breeze and two knots of tide, slow-speed manoeuvres cost them heavily.

Upwind Speed
9.60 knots GAC Pindar

Looking at the analytics you would assume that with the highest average speed upwind and fewest manoeuvres GAC Pindar would be on to a winning combination, but the crew had to fight to hold onto fourth on the leaderboard.

With a light and fickle wind tracking through the Saint Petersburg skyline, the key to success was to focus on tacking into the breeze, rather than with the shifts, to keep the speed against the tide. GAC Pindar were just the wrong side of a fine line between too many or too few manoeuvres.

Number of race wins
The Wave Muscat – 7
GAC Pindar – 6
Lino Sonego Team Italia – 5

The Wave, Muscat and Lino Sonego Team Italia took the majority of the podium results to secure their place at the top of the leaderboard in Russia. GAC Pindar however, despite being one of the highest scoring teams with six race wins and seven podiums, didn’t feature on the podium. Unable to stay out of trouble the team suffered a string of penalties throughout the week that prevented them bridging the gap to the leading pack.

The Winners: The Wave, Muscat
Act winners The Wave, Muscat compiled some impressive stats:

• Highest average points per race on 7.80 (closest Lino Sonego Team Italia on 7.20)
• Highest average rank first mark on 3.27 (other teams 4.68)
• Shortest distance sailed around the race track 101.0km (closest Team Turx 101.3km)

The Losers: SAP Extreme Sailing Team
A tough week for the Danes SAP Extreme Sailing Team who will be looking to regroup ahead of the next Act:
• Sailed one of the longest courses around the race track 105.5km (the only team sailing further Oman Air at 105.3km)
• Third highest number of manoeuvres (Team Turx and Gazprom Team Russia the only team to do more manoeuvres)
• One of the furthest teams from the startline on average on gun at 29 metres (the only team further off the line were Gazprom Team Russia)

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