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SAP Extreme Sailing Team Prepare for the Season Ahead

  • 31st January 2013

The dynamic Danish America’s Cup duo of Rasmus Kostner and Jes Gram-Hansen return as co-skippers of SAP Extreme Sailing Team in what will be their second year on the circuit in 2013. The team finished sixth in their debut season and in 2013 have their sights firmly set on the podium. Read the latest from the team here:

You might think that a break from training and competition might give you more time but it actually feels like the opposite! The off-season is used for making preparations for the year ahead and looking into detail at all components of the team to understand where our performance was perhaps below par. We then try to figure out how you can make improvements in these areas and devise a plan of action. Then when you eventually start the season your focus is solely on executing both on and off the water!

SAP Extreme Sailing Team in Qingdao 2012 © Lloyd Images

Expectations for 2013.

Our first year competing in the Extreme Sailing Series was  dedicated to learning as much as possible and building a solid structure around which the team can build. We focused on performing to our best ability but also allowed ourselves to experiment with different set-ups and ideas. This year will be different - the goals for 2013 are to challenge the best teams and to fight for an overall podium finish. Already we are definitely much more focused and better prepared for the year to come. We will spend more energy on the finer details  and in the execution and look forward to returning to the familiar venues around the world.

Lately the new design of the boat has taken a lot of our time - we have had discussions back and forth between sponsors, designers, graphic companies and the race organisors. We are fortunate to work with companies that pay attention to such details and want the whole “look & feel” of the team to be consistent. We are happy to have finished the work for now and can’t wait to reveal the design in Oman. From the race boat branding to details on our guest sailing kit – you will certainly know you are looking at SAP Extreme Sailing Team!

The winter break also gives us the opportunity to spend more time on the technological developments with the SAP software developers. Since the race regulations for Extreme Sailing Series restrict all teams on their practice time on the water, it is important to gain as much information as possible from GPS tracking and simulations. We compete in a very complex sports arena with ever changing parameters such as wind speed and direction. Since these are the most deciding factors affecting boat speed  around the course, it is vital to know as much detail as possible.

We will soon be preparing the race boat and  will begin practice sessions with the other teams in Oman. We will also be displaying the boat at a boat show in Denmark, so there is several opportunities to meet the team! We look forward to seeing you all in 2013.


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