Next Event: GC32 World Championship - Riva del Garda, Italy 24 May - 27 May 2018

GC32 World Championship - Riva del Garda, Italy

24 May - 27 May 2018

The GC32 World Championship sees the Extreme Sailing Series™ and GC32 Racing Tour fleets combine and provides the second scoring stage of the 2018 Extreme Sailing Series.

What time zone do I need to set my watch to? UTC+2

What will the weather be like? The weather should be warm during the day, with an average temperature of 17°C, but be prepared for rain.

What should I see and do while I’m there? The landscape of Riva del Garda and the surrounding area provides a natural playground with activities for all, from a relaxing swim in the lake, to climbing or canyoning in the mountains for adrenaline-junkies. If you are not afraid of a challenge, take on the steep walk to the Bastione, a chalk-white castle that clings precariously to the cliffs above the town. It’s worth it just for the view. To be blown away by the awesome power of nature, pay a visit to Cascata del Varone, a thundering 100m waterfall. Be sure to take your raincoat!

What traditional delicacies should I try? The regions surrounding the lake are renowned for their light and delicate extra virgin olive oil, which perfectly complements the freshwater fish from the lake. Ideally your meal is accompanied by the excellent wine produced in local vineyards.

Any interesting facts? Lake Garda is famed for its lemons, which are used to make limoncino liquer, lemon custards and sweets. Lemons were introduced to Lake Garda in the 13th century and lemon-houses were built with high walls and roofs to protect the trees from the cold north-easterly wind. The distinctive structures can still be spotted today.