Flying Phantom Series

The world-renowned Extreme Sailing Series™ is the place to fly with a foiling portfolio that includes the liveliest small catamaran out there, the Flying Phantom.

Established in 2017, the partnership sees the Flying Phantoms take flight at the European Acts of the Extreme Sailing Series. With a fleet of 12-15 boats zipping around in some rather tight spaces, the racing more than measures up to the high-octane action that the Series has consistently delivered over the past decade.

Weighing just 165kgs, the speedy one design cats were co-designed by Dr Martin Fisher, the foil expert who designed the GC32s, and Groupama sailing team. Once foiling, the rapid little catamarans can reach speeds of around 31 knots.

For more on the partnership click here and to find out more about the Flying Phantom Series go to their website.

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