A truly gastronomic experience: Team México talk tacos, chilaquiles and the incredible cuisine back home

Mexican food can be found all over the world. The country’s unique cuisine is replicated and imitated on a global scale, with Mexican restaurants popping up left, right and centre.

Monday 26th November 2018

But just how much of it is authentic? We talk tacos with Team México’s Erik Brockmann and Yanic Gentry to get the lowdown on true Mexican food ahead of the famous upcoming Sabor a Cabo – a celebration of Mexican gastronomy.

“The food in Mexico is certainly different to anywhere else in the world,” explains Team México’s latest addition onboard, Olympian Yanic Gentry. “It’s very flavourful and there’s a huge variety of dishes from all over the country. Mexico is definitely a place to visit if you are a ‘food traveller’ - you will certainly not be disappointed!”

Gentry is from Guadalajara, a city in western Mexico known for tequila and mariachi music. Despite being from Mexico, he still enjoys travelling around the country, since each city has its own ‘speciality’ when it comes to food.

“I’m looking forward to heading to Los Cabos. I’m not very familiar with typical cuisine in that area,” he explains, “but I think ‘machaca burritos’ will be typical there. It’s basically a seasoned dry meat – and of course, there will be plenty of seafood around.”

But it’s not the seafood that immediately springs to mind when thinking of Mexican food. The word on the tip of everyone’s tongue? Tacos!

“My favourite Mexican dishes are for sure tacos,” exclaims Gentry. “There are so many different types depending on the region, but I generally like all kinds.”

Gentry’s skipper, Erik Brockmann, agrees.

“I have a real thing about tacos,” he says. “I’ll only eat them in Mexico because they are the best. I’d never eat them anywhere else in the world, they’re not authentic.”

Brockmann has been travelling the globe with the Extreme Sailing Series for the last nine months and has come to miss a fair bit about the menus back home.

“I miss Mexican breakfasts so much when I’m travelling,” he admits. “In Mexico, breakfast is the best meal – there’s a huge variety. When I’m travelling, I often spend days in the same hotel and tend to eat the same sort of thing everywhere you go. Mexican breakfasts are different, and they are always amazing.”

When asked what is the Mexican secret dish that everyone should know about, Brockmann exclaims: “Chilaquiles! It’s a dish made using tortilla chips and salsa. You can eat it with beans, eggs, anything really. It’s great.”

Brockmann and Gentry will be attending Sabor a Cabo this Saturday, 1st December, in Los Cabos. A celebration of the local gastronomy, with chefs showing off their culinary skills and incredible cuisine, these Mexican sailors are sure to get their fill of authentic food from their home country following a long day on the water at the Extreme Sailing Series.

For more information on Sabor a Cabo, please visit their website.

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