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VIDEO: Meet Oman Air’s Pete Greenhalgh

In a long list of success stories over the 10-year history of the Extreme Sailing Series™ one name stands out - Pete Greenhalgh. The Brit has a unique record on the global Stadium Racing tour having won four overall titles including the very first season in 2007 as well as last year. Find out more about Pete here.

Ladies’ team skipper Ferris-Choat: ‘Extreme Sailing Series™ is where we want to be’

The skipper of the first ever all-female crew to compete in the Extreme Sailing Series™ says they are more determined than ever to be part of the 2017 season after an action-packed debut in Lisbon.

VIDEO: Lisbon delivers full-throttle racing

VIDEO: Lisbon delivered some of the best conditions the GC32s have ever seen last weekend, and saw Alinghi hit speeds exceeding 35kts. With the addition of three wildcard teams to the Stadium Racing fray, the fleet of nine hydro-foiling catamarans went full-throttle for the crowds lining the shore of the River Tagus, showing the world why the Extreme Sailing Series™ has its name. Check out the video for some of the unmissable action.

VIDEO: 2017 Extreme Sailing Series™ - the venues

We are thrilled to announce a return to the Americas for the first time in six years in 2017 in what promises to be another action-packed year with two new venues. Check out the video to find out where we are going.

The Extreme Sailing Series™ heads to the Americas as the 2017 calendar is revealed

The Extreme Sailing Series™, the world’s leading Stadium Racing series, will return to the Americas for the first time in six years in 2017 in what promises to be another action-packed season.

Presentato il calendario 2017 delle Extreme Sailing Series™, il circuito toccherà anche il contine

Le Extreme Sailing Series™, il principale circuito di regate stile stadio al mondo, nel 2017 torneranno a visitare il continente americano per la prima volta dopo sei anni, in quella che promette di essere un'altra stagione ricca di azione.

Annonce du calendrier 2017: les Extreme Sailing Series™ à la conquête du continent américain

En 2017, les Extreme Sailing Series™, premier circuit au monde de régates en stade nautique retournera sur le continent américain pour la première fois en six ans. La nouvelle saison promet d’ores et déjà du grand spectacle.

Las Extreme Sailing Series competirán en Estados Unidos y México en 2017

El circuito global de Extreme Sailing Series, líder mundial en el formato estadio, regresará en 2017 al continente americano por primera vez en seis años en lo que promete convertirse en otra temporada llena de emociones.

VIDEO: Act 7, Lisbon Highlights

Lisbon dished out some of the most exhilarating racing seen so far this year, with the fleet hitting speeds of more than 35 knots on the penultimate day. Catch up on the best moment from the Portuguese Act here.

Troisième victoire d’Act consécutive pour Alinghi

Red Bull Sailing Team a causé l’un des plus grands bouleversements des Extreme Sailing Series™ 2016 aujourd'hui en faisant perdre leur troisième place aux leaders actuels de la saison, Oman Air lors d’un final palpitant à Lisbonne.

Alinghi vince il terzo Act consecutivo delle Extreme Sailing Series™ e Red Bull Sailing Team strappa

Red Bull Sailing Team strappa il podio dalle mani di Oman Air, leader in classifica generale, nell'avvincente prova finale della tappa di Lisbona.

Alinghi gana su tercer Acto consecutivo en Lisboa y Red Bull Sailing Team saca a Oman Air del podio

Red Bull Sailing Team logró apartar del podio por primera vez desde el comienzo de la temporada 2016 de Extreme Sailing Series a Oman Air en una emocionante final en el Acto 7 de Lisboa.