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La primera tripulación femenina de las Extreme Sailing Series™ competirá en Lisboa

La primera tripulación completamente femenina en GC32, Thalassa Magenta Racing, en cooperación con el Proyecto Magenta, debutará en las Extreme Sailing Series™ en el penúltimo evento del año que tendrá lugar en Lisboa en apenas una semana.

Le Extreme Sailing Series™ si dirigono verso Lisbona con il primo equipaggio completamente al femmin

Thalassa Magenta Racing, il primo team di CG32 al femminile, in collaborazione con il Magenta Project, farà il suo debutto tra una settimana nelle Extreme Sailing Series ™ a Lisbona per il penultimo evento dell'anno.

Premier équipage 100% féminin sur les Extreme Sailing Series™ à Lisbonne

La premier équipage entièrement féminin en GC32, Thalassa Magenta Racing en partenariat avec le projet Magenta, fera ses débuts sur l’avant-dernier Act des Extreme Sailing Series™ à Lisbonne dans une semaine.

First all-female Extreme Sailing Series™ team to compete in Lisbon

The first all-female GC32 team, Thalassa Magenta Racing in partnership with the Magenta Project, will make its debut in the Extreme Sailing Series™ at the penultimate event of the year in Lisbon in just one week’s time.

Dinghy ace Funk gets slice of Madeiran action on Extreme Sailing Series™ debut

He's been a member of the USA's national sailing team since he was 17 and won numerous world championships in the Laser and 49er dinghy classes. But despite his wealth of top level experience, Brad Funk admits his first outing in the Extreme Sailing Series™ in charge of his own team was something of a baptism of fire.

NORAUTO powered by Groupama Team France to make Extreme Sailing Series™ debut

The French-flagged sailing team NORAUTO powered by Groupama Team France, will join the Extreme Sailing Series™ fleet at the penultimate event of the year in Lisbon – the first of two wildcard entries to be announced this week. Nine world-class teams and the fleet of hydro-foiling GC32s will make their debut in Portugal’s capital city from 6-9 October.

Madeiran President gives thumbs up to island chain’s first Extreme Sailing Series event

The President of the Madeira Islands branded the Extreme Sailing Series™ “fantastic” as the global Stadium Racing tour made its debut on the turquoise waters of the Portuguese archipelago.

Extreme Sailing Series™ Lisbon joins the race to restore ocean health

OC Sport partner with Sailors for the Sea to go green and achieve Clean Regattas certification Extreme Sailing Series™ organiser OC Sport is proud to announce that they have joined the race to restore ocean health with Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regattas programme.

Alinghi remporte l’Act 6 des Extreme Sailing Series™ dans un incroyable come-back

L’équipage Suisse d’Alinghi a fait un retour spectaculaire après un démâtage et remporte l’Act 6 des Extreme Sailing Series™ dans des conditions extraordinaires sur les eaux de Madère au Portugal.

VIDEO: Act 6, Madeira Islands - the highlights

Four days of action in the Extreme Sailing Series™' newest venue of Madeira saw plenty of thrills, spills, one big collision and countless lead changes. By the time Act 6 came to an end 14 races had been sailed, with Swiss team Alinghi claiming victory despite being dismasted in a crash with Red Bull Sailing Team the previous day. Watch the best moments of Act 6 here.

Alinghi gana el Acto 6 de las Extreme Sailing Series™ en Madeira

La tripulación suiza pasó de haber perdido su mástil este sábado durante la tercera jornada del Acto 6 de Extreme Sailing Series en Madeira a ganar la regata el domingo por la tarde. Una colisión contra Red Bull Sailing Team provocó que Alinghi desarbolara lo que forzó a los helvéticos a retirarse de las cuatro mangas finales del penúltimo día y amenazara con impedirles navegar en el último día del evento.

Alinghi siegt mit starkem Comeback vor Madeira – Red Bull Sailing Team auf Rang zwei

Das Schweizer Team Alinghi hat am Sonntag auf dem Segelrevier vor der portugiesischen Insel Madeira in eindrucksvoller Manier Act 6 der Extreme Sailing Series gewonnen. Am Vortag hatte die Mannschaft noch den 16,5 Meter langen Mast seines GC32-Katamarans verloren. Ursache war ein Zusammenstoß mit dem österreichischen Red Bull Sailing Team bei hoher Geschwindigkeit. Der Unfall zwang die erfahrene Mannschaft zum Rückzug von den letzten vier Rennen des Samstags und drohte auch den Start am Sonntag zu gefährden.